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How To Have Difficult Conversations In A Divided World?

Available April 16th

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This essential guide offers a simple 5-part framework that will help you have honest and enlightening conversations despite deep and fundamental disagreements at home, work, the community, and yes…even online.  In this book, you’ll discover the 5 pillars of respectfully disagreeing:

  • Challenge your perspective
  • Be the student
  • Cultivate your curiosity
  • Seek the gray
  • Agree to respect

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In This Book I’ll Teach You How To...

TedX Talk – Don’t Take the Exit on People

Who Should Respectfully Disagree

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The framework

The 5 Pillars Of Bridging The Divide




Challenge your perspective

Position yourself to actively seek out alternative viewpoints and question long held assumptions for more humanization.


Be The Student

Focus on learning and not lecturing by adopting a mindset of constant learning and personal growth.


Cultivate Yout Curiosity

Fill in the gaps with curiosity and not conclusions by asking meaningful questions and exploring the unknown.


Seek The Gray

Search for the gray within the black and white to create better dialogue in a nuanced and ambiguous world.


Agree To Respect

Formulate and act on your plan to respect and not harm others in order to build a bridge of deeper understanding.

The Disagreement Divide


I Respectfully Agree with the Praise for the book

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Hear my words in my own voice as I dive deep into how to have more respectful disagreements. Some people are just audible learners!

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In Chapter one you will receive 3 stories and why respectful disagreement is important in the first place. If you aren’t ready to dive in and get the book this is a great starting point, but be careful…you might actually like it!

the author

About the Author of I Respectfully Disagree

Justin Jones-Fosu is the embodiment of energy, both at home as a dedicated husband and father to four spirited children AND atop the world’s highest peaks, having recently conquered one of the famed 7 Summits. But Justin’s passion for elevation doesn’t end with trekking, it’s mirrored in his professional ascent as a captivating business speaker, innovative social entrepreneur, and insightful workplace researcher.

At the helm of Work. Meaningful., Justin is the driving force and CEO behind a movement that empowers organizations across the globe, delivering over 50 keynote addresses a year on the pivotal topics of meaningful work and inclusion. His mission is to ignite a transformation in corporate culture, guiding organizations and individuals to ascend to their peak potential through mastery of mindset, purpose, and performance.

Justin is not only a pathfinder in the wilderness but also in the literary world, authoring essential reads such as “Your WHY Matters NOW,” “The Inclusive Mindset,” and his latest thought-provoker, “I Respectfully Disagree: How to have Difficult Conversations in a Divided World.” His work is a compass for those seeking direction on creating connections in an often-fragmented society.

With a flair for infusing humor into his well-researched content, Justin doesn’t just give a speech; he crafts an experience, leaving his audience not just informed but transformed. His approach is not merely to inform but to inspire, not just to direct but to make a difference.


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